EXCLUSIVE: Pop Smoke’s Brother Obasi Jackson Releases New Song With Unreleased Bars

Pop Smoke Obasi Jackson

Obasi Jackson is creating his own path despite being the brother of the late Pop Smoke.

Obasi Jackson is the older brother of Pop Smoke, and he is resolute in forging ahead despite the sorrow attached to his brother. 

Obasi has exclusively released audio to a brand new song with previously unheard vocals from the late, great Pop Smoke. A Brooklyn native, like his brother, Obasi is paving his own lane one verse at a time.

“I don’t necessarily feel it’s me ‘carrying the torch’ [once held by Pop Smoke]. I do things in honor of my brother, but I am me,” he stated frankly to AllHipHop exclusively. “Carrying the torch would imply walking the same path he did. I walk my own path with my own rules. I do things in hopes that he’s proud of me and protect him and my families’ legacy.”

In honoring his brother, Obasi has dropped the already-infectious new song, “In My Bag,” which has taken off already.

Obasi and his team have planned a winter tour and continually dropping new music. He said all of this is helpful in the healing process and staying focused.

“Sometimes I just need to get away to clear my head and emotions. Touring and being in my zone, artistically, helps. The upcoming winter tour will also tease what’s to come in the latter part of Q1 heading into Q2,” Obasi told AllHipHop. “We’re hitting Atlanta, Philly, Richmond, Charlotte, Raleigh, Miami, Houston, and Vegas. New music on the way. More announcements.”

So, in theory, it is quite feasible for Obasi to simultaneously carry on his brother’s legacy while creating his own sound and style.

 “In regards to my brother, his music influenced Brooklyn and the world. You can’t tell me different. He’s already left his legacy. Time for me to create my own,” Obasi explained.

Obasi Jackson recently released “Ain’t Worried,” which carries a concise message.

He said, “The single is a piece I wrote to express and represent what can happen when you’re not focused on the right things. Too many people get a taste of fame and status and become comfortable, or oblivious. This song is my way of saying no matter what, I won’t be phased. Good or bad.”