EXCLUSIVE: Spoken Word Artist Malik Yusef Talks Co-Writing Beyonce’s “Sandcastles”


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(AllHipHop News) “We built sandcastles that washed away. I made you cry when I walked away,” sings Beyoncé Knowles on track 8 of her platinum album Lemonade.

The emotionally charged “Sandcastles” was created as a joint effort between Knowles, Vincent Berry II, Midian Mathers, and Malik Yusef.

In a recent interview with AllHipHop.com, Yusef discussed his co-writing contribution to Bey’s ballad. The tune was partially envisioned during a car ride with his child.

“I actually have the original. It was May 16, 2013. I was driving in my car listening to some music,” says Yusef. “My daughter had just turned four. She was in the backseat, and you can hear it in the voicemail. It might come out eventually.”

The spoken word performer continues, “I came up with the chorus, verse, and the melody. That’s the artist I am. I’m always in my mind thinking of melodies. I can’t stop. It’s almost like a disease of sort. There’s always melodies and words flowing out of me almost non-stop.”

Yusef also worked with Kanye West on The Life Of Pablo and Vic Mensa on There’s Alot Going On. The Chicago native wants it to be clearly known that he does not “ghostwrite” for these performers, it’s a collaborative process.

“People say, ‘Malik writes for Kanye.’ I don’t write for Kanye. I write with Kanye. I don’t write for Vic. I write with Vic,” explains Yusef. “Vic can do it by himself. Kanye can do it by himself too. They allow me [to co-write].”

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