EXCLUSIVE: T.I. Turns 40, Reveals New Album Title & Imparts Wisdom

T.I. Tip Harris TI

T.I. is celebrating his birthday by announcing an new album and imparting wisdom.

(AllHipHop News) Today is the 40th birthday of rapper/mogul T.I. and he’s imparting some wisdom as he celebrates.

While some bemoan the aging process, Tip Harris explained the definite, irrefutable and, almost infinite, upsides in an exclusive talk with AllHipHop’s Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur.

“It’s better than dying a decade sooner. Those are the only two options. Get old or die young. Where I am in my life, I would not trade my  evolution or consciousness or perspective…I would not trade it for nothing.  I would not want to be a young ni**a again for for nothing. It was just too much in the world that I didn’t know. The world was kind of keeping sh*t away from me. Mother***f**kers were talking over ny my head. I had no idea:a. I didn’t know how much I didn’t know.”

Tip also explained that, wisdom aside, he can now properly prioritize this life, something that escaped him in his youth.

“For me I think for me its really been about not sweating the small sh*t. How much sh*t is worth my time and attention and what sh*t isn’t. Allocating the proper time and attention to the things that deserve it the most. Also, to listen to my voice. The voice inside of me, you know because that’s where my vision is from. A lot of times we hear that voice and it speaks to us and we go and try to consult and ask others about what occurred in our head. And when they don’t see what we see, we abandon it.”

Tip also revealed exclusively to AllHipHop the name of his new album. The album, titled The LIBRA, has a title that is certain to turn heads locally. 

“The Legend Is Back Running Atlanta,” Tip said of the acronym.


It seems befitting,” T.I. said curtly.

We have more coming with T.I., but he recently droppped “Ring” with oft-collaboarator Young Thug. He’s also got new music on the way with Lil Baby.  The LIBRA does not have a release days that has been made public.

Happy Birthday, King!