EXCLUSIVE: Travis Scott’s Legal War With A Gaming Company Is Over

Travis Scott

Travis Scott just put a potentially ugly lawsuit with a gaming company to bed.

Travis Scott has avoided a messy legal war with a top gaming company, over claims he ripped off their designs for joysticks. KontrolFreek sued the world-famous rapper in September of 2020.

The company claimed Travis approached them about creating customized merch for his performance inside of the hugely popular game Fortnite, which happened last April on Twitch.

The parties could not agree on a deal after Travis Scott and his team asked KontrolFreek to manufacture his products at no cost.

So, Travis and his team made up their designs –  blatantly inspired by products created by KontrolFreek.

The lawsuit said Travis and his design team simply ripped off KontrolFreek’s designs for thumbstick covers and offered them for sale during his Fortnite event, which attracted over 12 million people.

According to the most recent round of court filings, Travis and KontrolFreek have managed to settle. Both parties had been in intense negotiations to squash the lawsuit to avoid the legal costs of going to court – and Travis almost blew it in April.

Travis and KontrolFreek were close to settling, when the rapper went radio silent, causing the gaming company to threaten to re-file their lawsuit.

However, last week, a settlement was reached for an undisclosed amount, and KontrolFreek is asking the judge to dismiss the lawsuit with prejudice – meaning it cannot be filed again.