Explicit Mario Judah Video Divides Twitter Over Its Authenticity

Mario Judah has been trending on Twitter as fans debate the identity of the person in an explicit video leaked on the Internet.

22-year-old rapper and rock musician Mario Judah has been trending all Friday after some dropped a sex tape with him on it online. People (fans and voyeurs alike) went bonkers talking about the explicit video and searching for it on every site from Pornhub to XVIDEOS.

2020 seemed to be a good year for the Atlanta native after his song “Die Very Rough” went viral in September.

The world was introduced to an eye shadow-wearing and goth jewelry rocking artist that refused to be placed in a box, and as he delivered creative covers of songs like DaBaby’s and Roddy Ricch’s “Rockstar,” people started to give him props and notice that he was more than just a social media fluke.

The audacious redhead found himself at the top of everyone’s emerging talent list and will this summer appear in various music festivals. He is used to trending.

But not like this. The alleged video leaked supposedly shows him engaged in same gender-loving intercourse.

He is receiving penetration.

While some are talking about the actual video … “Just seen Mario Judah get his back





“Just saw the Mario Judah tape, I wish I was the alligator rn”

Some believe it is not him …

“I dont think that was actually mario Judah”


Many are simply marveling at him trending. “Day 9 of tweeting the weirdest thing I caught trending: Mario Judah” Either way, Mario Judah has yet to respond.