Fabolous: Hip Hop Is "All About The Money" Now, The 1990's Were More Diverse (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) When it comes to rap, the 1990’s is often held up as the high point of the genre. That time period was also the age of Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. Brooklyn rapper Fabolous is one of the individuals that views the 90’s as a time of great achievements in music and sports.

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“The 90’s, to me, overall is the ‘golden era’ of everything,” Fab told Hot 97. “I don’t want the young guys to look it at like, ‘You’re hating on this generation.’ Which I’m not. There’s great things about this generation too.”

He went on to add, “They’ll look at their era as the ‘golden era’ even though it’s really not. Because they’re living in it too, and they think that maybe we feel [the 90’s is the ‘golden era’] because we grew up in that era.”

The “Lituation” rhymer then points out that fashion brands like 90’s Jordan sneakers are still successful today. Fab also states that he believes the quality of Hip Hop music was better during that decade and rappers were not making music just about being rich.

“Everybody now raps ‘all about the money.’ There’s ‘don’t call me if it ain’t about the money.’ Everything is so pushed toward the hustle,” said the 37-year-old entertainer. “There were artists [in the 1990’s] talking about money, but there was so much diversity in Hip Hop too. There was gangsta rap. There was backpack rap. There was flashy, flossy rap. There was De La Soul, psychedelic rap. There was all different kinds.”

Fab recently dropped his 6th studio album The Young OG Project. The project is now available on iTunes.

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Watch Fabolous’ interview below.