Fabolous Weighs In On Troy Ave And Joey Bada$$ Beef


(AllHipHop News) Fresh off the stage from his performance in Tampa Bay at a Spring Break concert called Wild Splash 2016, Fabolous took the time to speak with the famed Bootleg Kev for a round of Q&A.

While Fab spoke about his new album with Jadakiss (Freddy vs Jason) that will be available on both iTunes and Tidal, Fab took the time to weigh in on the Troy Ave/Joey Bada$$ beef that’s been getting headlines over the past few weeks.

According to Fab, when Fabolous first met Troy it was through the streets and he didn’t even know Troy rapped.  Since then the two have collaborated on a host of records including the fan favorite, “Only Life I Know.” (See Below)

“I worked with Troy Ave because I met him really in the streets and we built our relationship from there, and then it came out.  Actually when I met him, I didn’t even know he rapped,” Fabolous explained.

“So I just met him and we ended up clicking and then he came out of nowhere talking about he rapped and he had songs and stuff, so I tried to help him out as much as I could.”

When asked specifically about the Capital Steez line by Troy Ave, Fabolous said, “I don’t know all the specifics in it,” but weighed in further on Rap beef in 2016.

“I don’t know all the specifics in it, I don’t know all that happened. I heard Troy respond, and then I heard that one of the guys came at Troy about his album sales or something like that. So I don’t really know everything that happened really in it, and I know people are going crazy about something that Troy said, but I don’t really know all the info,” Fab said of the beef.

When Bootleg Kev then briefed him on Capital Steez’s passing a few years ago due to a reported suicide and the Troy Ave line, Fab let him know that Hip-Hop is a “competitive sport.”

“It’s a competitive sport so when people throw shots at you, you know, you gotta expect a retaliation too or a reply,” Fab said.

From there Kev and Fab kept it moving but whether you think Fab sides with Troy from their relationship in the streets, or whether Fab is neutral, Fab let it be known that rap is a sport and you better be ready.

Is Fab suggesting that anything is fair game? Let us know your thoughts below!