Fans Lash Out At Kanye For Selling $2 T-Shirts For $92 At “The Life of Pablo” Pop-Up Stores


(AllHipHop News) Kanye West is reportedly selling $2 T-shirts for $92 at his The Life of Pablo pop-up store in London.

Fans queued for hours in the British capital’s trendy Old Street for a chance to buy some of the limited edition merchandise over the weekend.

Not everyone has left the shop a happy customer though, as one furious fan told British newspaper The Sun he felt he had been duped.

While the T-shirts may look like the real deal, on closer inspection the labels inside the $92 tops revealed they were printed on Gildan ultra cotton T-shirts, which the newspaper discovered retail for less than $2.50 online.

“I queued up for hours to get in to Kanye’s shop and I was so excited to get one of the limited edition London T-shirts,” the customer moaned. “However, I’m not so excited about my purchase now I know it’s basically a cheap T-shirt with a print. I’m gutted, to be honest.”

Fans in the U.S. also shared their dismay at the apparent lack of quality in the merchandise, with one tweeting, “We are here, p**sed the #KanyeWest #pablo Clothing is cheap fabric, what a rip off, wasted time.”

Items on sale at the pop-up stores include T-shirts and hoodies, with some emblazoned with Yeezy’s name or his album title, The Life of Pablo, spelled out in the same Gothic font used by artist Cali Thornhill DeWitt on the rapper’s previous merchandise.