Feds Charge Cardi B’s Friend Star Brim In Connection To 2018 NYC Club Assault

The 28-year-old ‘Keepin It Bute’ podcast host is accused of being the “Godmother” of a Blood sect.

(AllHipHop News) Bronx-bred superstar Belcalis “Cardi B” Almánzar is still facing state prosecution for allegedly ordering an attack on two bartenders named Jade and Baddie G. The 2018 incident took place at New York City’s Angels nightclub on August 29 in Flushing, Queens.

Cardi’s best friend, Yonette “Star Brim” Respass, was recently indicted on multiple federal charges, including conspiracy to commit assault in-aid-of racketeering. Prosecutors are accusing Respass of orchestrating an attack on two women at Angels on August 15 while she was still incarcerated in federal prison.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York, Star Brim called on members of her 5-9 Brims sect of the Bloods to beat up the bartenders for not showing proper respect for another member of the gang. 

“I want hands put on them. I don’t even want no talking,” Star allegedly told several younger female Brim subordinates about the Angels servers. 

Star Brim’s co-defendants Jeffrey Bush, Louis Love, Rodolfo Zambrano, and three others supposedly assaulted one of the bartenders while Bush recorded the attack on his cell phone and the footage was sent to the gang member that Respass was defending.

Cardi B has openly admitted to being part of the Brims. The “Press” rapper pleaded not guilty to 14 New York state charges which included two counts of felony assault with intent to cause serious physical injury. The altercation with Jade and Baddie G was reportedly over one of the women supposedly having an affair with Cardi’s husband, Offset. 

“The 5-9 Brims is a violent criminal organization that has terrorized residents of Brooklyn and Queens by committing brutal acts of violence in public places, trafficking narcotics on the streets and defrauding victims through financial schemes,” stated Richard P. Donoghue, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York.

Donoghue continued, “This Office is working closely with our federal and local partners to dismantle criminal street gangs and prosecute their members to the fullest extent of the law.”

As of press time, Cardi B has not commented on Star Brim being indicted or the accusations that she was involved in the Angels club attack. Star, who is currently pregnant, is expected to turn herself in to federal authorities.

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