Fetty Wap “Wake Up” Drama At Eastside High School Rages On Over Misleading Documents


(AllHipHop News) Eastside High School officials are still being questioned after school documents concerning the filming of Fetty Wap’s “Wake Up” video were revealed to be improperly completed.

A few major issues raised by the mishandling of the scheduling forms for the video centers around requirements that outside groups pay fees and provide insurance for using the educational facilities, and if those duties were neglected.

According to the North Jersey News, one main issue was the fact that the rapper’s name was never mentioned on any of the forms that have been reviewed thus far.

“That’s what we in the insurance industry call being evasive. If everything is on the up-and-up, why be evasive,” quipped Victoria Oquendo, a member of the school district’s parent organization.

District officials claimed that the ongoing investigation is not due to the controversial content of Fetty’s “Wake Up” video.

According to the report, the scheduling form indicated the involvement that the video was being shot on behalf of Youth Counseling Services Inc., and Eastside High School’s Home School Council, an alleged parents group for the school.

The dispute has been raging ever since Fetty Wap released the video for “Wake Up,” which is set inside a classroom in Eastside High, complete with weed smoking and pole dancers.

Eastside High’s principal Zaiti Moody has been placed on suspended leave for his alleged involvement in the incident.

The suspension has been protested by concerned supporters including Fetty Wap, who made a brief appearance and apologized for the video.