Field Mob Member Shawn J. Responds To Ludacris Tracks


(AllHipHop News) Atlanta rapper Ludacris set the hip-hop world buzzing yesterday with his track “Bada Bing” which is a diss record to rappers Drake and Big Sean.

The track, which is from Luda’s new mixtape “1.21 Gigawatts,” is the rapper’s searing diss to the two newcomers, who have been taking credit for a technique of delivering punch lines in recent interviews.

Big Sean even accused Ludacris of copying the style of delivery, which resulted in Luda’s diss track “Bada Bing.”

Luda also goes in on an unknown individual on the track “Say It to My Face.”

The first reply to the record comes not from Drake or Big Sean, as one would logically assume.

Former friend/associate Shawn J., of Field Mob, had some choice words for Luda.

“Luda is pu**y and I will say it to his face,” Shawn J. said.

The last line of the song “Bada Bing” may have been directed at Shawn J., although Ludacris never mentions his name in the track.

“I seen my ringtones on sale on BET and wanted to know where my check at,” Shawn J. said. “Ludacris is a b**ch, he’s pu**y and I’m going in on him from here on out.”

This is not the first time Field Mob has expressed their discontentment with Luda and his record label, Disturbin’ Tha Peace.

In February Field Mob dropped the song “Stack A Million,” which claimed Ludacris owed them money.

The group was signed to Disturbin’ Tha Peace from 2005 until 2008 and released one album for Luda, titled Light Poles and Pine Trees.

Check out Shawn J.’s reply to Ludacris’ song “Bada Bing” below: