Fivio Foreign Taps Kanye West & Alicia Keys For New Song “City of Gods”

Fivio Foreign teamed up with Ye and Alicia Keys on the new single “City of Gods,” and the trio could have a new video on the way.

Fivio Foreign linked with Kanye West for the new single “City of Gods,” this one could be a New York City drill anthem!

According to Rolling Stone, the single is from Fivio’s upcoming debut album, B.I.B.L.E., due March 25. The project is also said to be executive produced by Kanye West. 

Fivio Foreign opens the track declaring “this is my s###” and pays homage to the “King of New York,” his friend and fellow New York City drill rapper Pop Smoke. Alicia Keys sings the chorus, an interpolation of “New York City” by The Chainsmokers, and Kanye takes the final verse.  

However, fans may be getting more than just a single. All three artists shared a photo of the trio clad in all black fits hinting there may be a new music video in the works. Listen to the song below.

The Future of Drill Music

Earlier this week, the Brooklyn drill rapper spoke to TMZ to defend his craft against claims from the NYPD connecting drill music to the rise in gun violence in the city. 

“This the drill community, and I know like, the police and everybody be looking at n##### like n##### is starting trouble, but n##### ain’t really starting trouble,” Fivio told TMZ. “They tryna feed they kids.” 

Fivio Foreign was at a meeting to discuss “the future of drill music on the airwaves,” at The Palm, NY. “They tryna take away the drill music off the radio,” he said. “They tryna stop it from being on the radio. And we having meetings with everybody, we tryna let them know, it’s not the music that’s killing people. It’s the music that’s helping n##### from the hood get out the hood. You feel me? So, we need that. You take that from us, n##### is gonna be in the hood, killing each other.”  

Fivio Foreign, Kanye West, Alicia Keys – City of Gods