Florida Governor Says No Hurricane-Related Deaths Have Been Confirmed

ron desantis

Officials believe that many Floridians have lost their lives.

Hurricane Ian caused mass destruction across the state of Florida.

Videos have been circulating showing flooded streets and homes, and some state officials say that the violent storm has claimed “hundreds” of lives as the Category 4 storm weakened over the last few days from 150 miles per hour to only 60 miles per hour

According to the Daily News, Governor Ron DeSantis said those numbers are not confirmed, which seems to undermine the authority of those seeking help for citizens in the sunshine state.

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno called the storm a “life-changing event” impacting everyone in the area.

He continued, “We tracked that storm up the coast of Florida. It was very unpredictable.” He said while he does not know the exact number of fatalities, he would say they were “in the hundreds.”

One Hip-Hop notable who made sure he and his family were safe in the storm, was Dame Dash, the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records and serial entrepreneur.

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“We are not in Florida. We beat our feet and made our way up out of there. We are on the road,” he said. “We not dealing with the floods, at least not now.”

DeSantis followed that statement up with one that seemed a little more tempered.

“None of that is confirmed,” he said regarding the death tolls.

“I think what that is … is there were 911 calls for people saying, ‘Hey, the water is rising in my home,” he said. “I’m gonna go up in the attic but I’m really worried.’ Of course, those folks are now again to be going to be checked on, and so I think you’ll have more clarity about that in the next day or so.”

 “We’re obviously hoping that they can be rescued at this point,” the politician said.