Former Cash Money Artist Mikkey Halsted Talks The Label Owing Him Money


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(AllHipHop News) The stories of Cash Money Records owing money has become nearly a regular routine in Hip Hop media. From Lil Wayne to Turk to Tyga to Bangladesh to Jas Prince to Wendy Day, reports of the record label not properly paying people that have worked with the company has followed CMR for years.

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Another person formerly connected to Cash Money is speaking out about his ordeal during his time there. DJ Booth connected with Mikkey Halsted, and the Chicago rapper stated he believes he’s been shorted about $500,000 from Bryan “Birdman” Williams and Ronald “Slim” Williams.

“I feel I’m owed probably a half a million dollars right now,” said Halsted. “After I saw what happened after Kanye got his money I should have tried to get off the label. But I always had hope. I left over 75 songs [with Cash Money] because back then they didn’t just give you the music. It wasn’t like we were using email. We couldn’t hear it. None of [the music I recorded] ever saw the light of day.”

Halsted signed to CMR in 2000. According to the “Salmon Crouquettes” rhymer, the label attempted to change who he was as a person.

“We didn’t see eye-to-eye creatively and [Birdman] was trying to make me do something, be something that I wasn’t,” Mikkey explained. “I was wearing Polo, they only wanted me to wear white t-shirts and Reeboks. It felt like real prison over there. I was trying to explain to him that a clean cut rapper will work.”

He added,  “[Birdman] was like, ‘You should go get tattoos on your neck,’ and I’m like, ‘Listen, f*ck that, I’m not doing sh*t like that man.’ I can’t even go home and look at my brother and my grandmother in their face if I change. I’m not doing that sh*t man.”

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