Former Terror Squad Member Charlie Rock Death Confirmed By Cuban Link

Bronx OG is said to have held Tupac down in prison and lost an eye defending Joe in prison.

Charlie Rock, a former member of Fat Joe’s Terror Squad has died, transitioning after recently dissing the Bronx rapper on social media.

His death was confirmed by Cuban Link, another rapper that used to be down with Joey Crack, on Instagram.

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He wrote on the post, “Rest in peace to the big homey Charlie Rock l .d dam homey we had a lot left to do out here 🙏🏽 may god rest your soul.”

In a video the “Off the Books” rapper spoke about recently reaching out to Rock, sharing that he appreciated his friendship.

Cuban Link asserts that Rock was “clean” and “doing his thing.”

Rock was definitely trying to shift his life, becoming a life coach and host for the Reppin’ Da Real podcast.

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Like Fat Joe, Rock used to run the street and is considered a street legend in the Boogie Down.

He said at 18 years old, he took A 10 to 20-year sentence for “not ratting” on a friend in a jam. While in prison, he allegedly got stabbed in the eye for defending Fat Joe’s honor over his beef with 50 Cent years ago, and added, he also, held down Tupac Shakur while he was in prison.

Recently, he was on Instagram dissing Fat Joe, saying the “Lean Back” rapper was boasting about being in the car with John Gotti and Sammy the Bull.

He also posted that Fat Joe thought he was going to kill him. He said, “FAT JOE WAS MAD SHOOK OF CHARLIE ROCK LD… I WOULD NOT HURT LITTLE JOEY… HOW CAN U HURT UR SON…”

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Fat Joe has not released a comment about his former friend’s death.