FTN Bae Apologizes For Wrongfully Accusing Doodie Lo Of Molesting Her Son

The OTF rapper says he forgives FTN Bae.

Last October, social media influencer FTN Bae blatantly accused her ex-boyfriend, Doodie Lo, of sexually assaulting her five-year-old son. FTN Bae is now walking back those accusations.

Several blogs screen-recorded FTN Bae’s recent Instagram Live. In the video, she apologizes to Doodie Lo after the representative of Lil Durk’s Only The Family crew apparently passed a lie detector test.

“I’m gonna publicly apologize and say that [Doodie Lo] finally took a lie detector test. It took a while. It didn’t have to take so long,” said FTN Bae. “I never was trying to ruin his career or trying to get clout. I just believed my son.”

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FTN Bae originally called Doodie Lo a “sick man” after her son allegedly claimed the rapper inserted three screws in the child’s a###. Doodie Lo denied he molested the boy, but FTN Bae still doubled down on the allegations.

At one point, it appeared the troubling situation was headed to a civil trial. Doodie Lo sought a defamation lawsuit against FTN Bae. They both exchanged legal threats on social media as well. However, it appears Doodie Lo is ready to move on from the matter.

“At the end of the day, I ain’t gonna lie to y’all. I forgive her,” said Doodie Lo in an Instagram video. “I don’t know. I got a forgiving heart. It did f### up a lot of s### like with my kids, my family, my team, all that… I just always wanted to show my innocence.”

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