Future Gets Dragged Online For Disrespecting Lori Harvey And Michael B. Jordan


Users on Twitter have Future trending, as they drag his name for disrespecting Lori Harvey and her boyfriend Michael B. Jordan.

Future’s diss to Lori Harvey might be backfiring against the Atlanta rapper.

The “Dirty Sprite” hitmaker had some harsh verses for Lori Harvey, on his collaborative track with 42 Dugg titled “Maybach.”

42 Dugg leaked an unreleased version of the song featuring Future dropping some barbed bars aimed at Lori Harvey, her stepdad Steve Harvey, as well as her new boyfriend Michael B. Jordan.

So far, neither Lori nor Michael has replied to Future’s toxicity, but the Twitter mob has been defending them both, while dragging Future over his lyrics.

“Lori Harvey ain’t ever spoke or said a word that’s how I know she playa on a different level lmao she a heart breaker fasho,” wrote one user.

Another person added: “Lori harvey lives in future mind rent free and its hilarious.”

Others commented that Lori Harvey was lucky she didn’t have a child with Future. In fact, Future’s cold war against Lori Harvey comes as he gears up for a real-life court battle with Eliza Reign, the mother of one of his six children.

The rap star is locked in a years-long child support fight with Eliza after he denied he was the father of their child – until a paternity test proved otherwise.

It is doubtful that Future even cares about the negative reception to his unreleased verse on “Maybach.”

During an interview earlier this week, the rapper said he had “tunnel vision” which makes him oblivious to criticism.

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