Future Talks Paving The Way For Hip Hop Artists From The Street To Get Paid Like Pop Stars

The Freebandz leader says he’s got the recipe to making $1 million a show.

(AllHipHop News) Future returned on May 15 with his eighth studio LP titled High Off Life. The album includes features from acts such as Drake, Meek Mill, Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, and Young Thug. During a recent conversation with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, Future discussed Uzi and Thugger. 

“Of course, that’s my twin. It’s me then it’s him. It’s me and it’s him, then it’s him and it’s me,” said Future about Young Thug when questioned which artists have the same energy and spirit as him. 

When asked about Uzi, Future responded, “That’s Baby Pluto, of course. It’s a lot of the guys, but when you mention Thug, you mention me. It’s just one. And then everybody that we f*ck with, that’s just family.”

The Atlanta-raised rhymer went on to talk about his role in influencing Hip Hop stars that came after him. While acts like Thug and Uzi drew inspiration from Future’s sound, his statement to Lowe focused on wanting to spark the next generation’s financial moves more than providing a musical blueprint.

“We want everybody to be super-rich. We want everybody to take this sh*t to the next level. I wanted to start getting paid a certain amount for the shows, so the next person behind me doing the same kind of music or better music, they’d be able to get paid way more,” offered Future. “You are from the streets, you are from the trenches, you need to get paid this amount of money. This is what we get paid now. We get paid like Pop stars.”

He continued, “It wasn’t quick for me, but everybody that comes behind me, it’s going to happen quick because I found the glitch to the matrix. I found the recipe. Once you find the recipe, then it’s like trying to find a cure for [coronavirus]. I found the cure to making this sh*t go Pop. Trap sh*t going Pop. We’re going Pop. Whatever you’re doing, it’s going to Pop. You can be yourself and it’s going to pop. You can cross over too. You can get the same money as a Pop star by being yourself. You don’t even have to do no corny ass sh*t. You just be yourself and you get Pop star money.”