EXCLUSIVE: Game’s Sex Assault Accuser Makes Move On His Assets

A woman who won $7 million is putting pressure on the rap star to pay up.

(AllHipHop News) The woman who won a $7.1 million judgment against Compton rapper Game is still targeting the rap star’s pockets.

Priscilla Rainey won a huge judgment against Game in October of 2019 after the rap star failed to reply to a sexual assault lawsuit stemming from his 2015 reality show, “She’s Got Game.”

A trio of judges shot down Game’s appeal of the verdict for blowing off hearings, and trashing Priscilla Rainey on his Instagram account.

Priscilla Rainey has been trying to seize the money from Game for a few years now.

Rainey maintains the rapper is deliberately hiding his money, to avoid paying the $7.1 million judgment.

In her latest attempt, Priscilla Rainey is asking a judge to seal the post-collection process from the public, in an attempt to avoid publicity, which might help her recover the debt.

“The purpose of the instant application is to prevent Jayceon Terrell Taylor aka ‘The Game’ from thwarting the Collection Motion’s purpose,” said Priscilla Rainey’s lawyer Michael Jason Lee.

“Taylor’s interest in sealing the Collection Motion far outweighs any public interest benefit, particularly because the documents will be unsealed once the purposes of the Collection Motion has been served,” said Michael Jason Lee.

Until the judgment is satisfied, Priscilla Rainey is hoping the judge will allow her to keep the battle for Game’s assets from the prying eyes of the media and the public.

The Game has adamantly claimed he is innocent, and he has also promised Priscilla Rainey she would never receive a dime.

“Let’s get one thing very CLEAR: that thirsty Gatorade mascot of a transvestite WILL NEVER see $10,000,000 or anything close 2 a penny of my money,” Game fumed. “Soon as I’m home, me & my lawyers will EAT THIS CASE like a box of Minion Twinkies on sale at Walmart!”