Gangster Who Kidnapped Tekashi 69 Wants To Be Mayor Of New York City

Harv Ellison and Tekashi 6ix9ine

The guy serving prison time for kidnapping Tekashi69 is hoping to turn his life around – and one day be the mayor of New York City!

America is one of the few places where someone can go from rags to riches, be it overnight or gradually.

There’s even room for the redeemed in politics. The checkered pasts of politicians like Marion BarryKevin Lamont Harris, and Tarra Simmons have not kept them from pursuing their ambitions to make the U.S. a better place. 

So while it may sound shocking, the fact that an alleged member of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods hopes to one day become mayor of New York City, may not be such a far-fetched dream. 

Anthony “Harv” Ellison, who kidnapped rapper Tekashi 69, revealed his political ambitions in a letter he recently sent to Judge Paul Engelmayer.

“I have a planned route and vision,” Harv told Judge Engelmayer. “One of the reasons I went to trial is because I have plans on being something in my life. I qualify for an expunged record. I have a chance like I conveyed in my previous letters to the president and the be totally candid, my long-term goal is to become the Mayor of New York City.

Judge Engelmayer sentenced Harv to 24 years in prison, for kidnapping and assaulting rap star Tekashi 69. 

But Harv is refusing to let his past actions define his future. Harv’s actions were the catalyst that made Tekashi 69 cooperate with the state and testify against his former gang associates during a blockbuster three-week RICO trial in October 2019.

Prosecutors’ case was airtight thanks to Tekashi 69’s cooperation. In all, 10 men entered into plea deals, while Harv and Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack opted to go to trial.

In total, the 12 defendants received sentences from two to 24 years for drug dealing, robberies assaults, and other crimes around the five boroughs of New York. Harv was hit with 24 years, while Nuke ended up with a 17-year sentence.

Harv, who’s been locked up since November of 2018, is begging Judge Engelmayer to release him to home confinement to his elevated risk of catching the Coronavirus in prison. 

Harv suffers from acute asthma, just like Tekashi 69, who used his health issues to score an early release in April of 2020. If he’s released early, Harv promises to make a difference in his local community.


“I know I may not seem like your ideal poster child, with no education, and political background. I might just be a little rough around the edges. I have first-hand experience though,” Harv said. “I believe in building an environment and encouragement that way we can stop breeding delinquents and immorality…managing can be a team effort.”

Harv has used his time behind bars to seriously educate himself, by completing numerous courses the prison offers. 

So far, he has finished 35 courses, including classes on business ethics, sales fundamentals, conflict resolution, leadership and influence, time management, marketing basics, and others.  

Harv has also gained co-signs from a variety of prison officials, including his prison counselor, who penned a glowing letter of recommendation for the incarcerated former gangster. 

“He is self-motivated and works very hard with minimal supervision,” wrote B. Eklund. “He displays a positive attitude and helps newly incarcerated inmates adapt to a new environment.” 

Hopefully, Judge Engelmayer will have some mercy on Harv, although it’s doubtful – his past request for compassionate release has already been denied.

If Harv does make it out, he just might has a real chance to make a positive difference in New York.