Gunplay’s Wife Shares Graphic Details About Their Violent Relationship; Says He Choked Their Child


Gunplay—real name Richard Morales Jr.—was arrested in Miami on Sunday (August 20).

Gunplay was arrested earlier this week on several charges stemming from a domestic violence incident. His estranged wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales, claimed he pointed a rifle at her and their six-month-old daughter after she asked him to be quiet while playing his Xbox.

On Thursday (August 24), Taylor-Morales opened up about their violent relationship. According to Taylor-Morales, she’s been thinking about divorce since June after an attempt at therapy was fruitless. She also clarified a particular Instagram Live was different from the one filmed around the same time the incident occurred.

“This entire situation is sickening….. that Live you guys are trying to use as the event is FALSE,” she explained. “That is his studio in our laundry room. Two entire different situations and events. The video game is in our bedroom. Tensions been high in the house, I’ve been fed up with a lot of stuff. I was already looking for a divorce in June. He was begging me not to leave. He said he would do therapy and I tried it. He went to one session and never did it again.”

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Taylor-Morales also shared a screenshot of Gunplay allegedly asking his lawyer, Michael Grieco, for bond. She believes that’s evidence of guilt. She continued,” Do you guys understand how unhinged he was to break a porcelain sink after I left!!!! If he didn’t do anything and I’m ‘exaggerating’ why the hell did he reach out to a lawyer asking for a bond in the midst of all this drama? That’s a innocent person?

“He in jail contacting my friends and family trying to have me drop the charges. Now he in jail having HIS friends talk to me and about me online CRAZY. I hope the justice system doesn’t fail another black woman and child. If they do, he still will NEVER be able to be around me or my child. It doesn’t matter however y’all spin it. Pulling a gun out on your family and then choking a child in the midst is UNACCEPTABLE.”

Gunplay—real name Richard Morales Jr.—was arrested in Miami on Sunday (August 20). According to a Miami-Dade County inmate search, the rapper was taken into custody on multiple charges, including assault with a deadly weapon, false imprisonment and child abuse. Taylor-Morales has obtained a restraining order and is in the process of filling for divorce.