Hillary Clinton Talks Police Brutality, Systemic Racism & Jay Z On ‘The Breakfast Club’ (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton returned to The Breakfast Club.

While the former Secretary of State is leading in most election polls, Clinton used the nationally syndicated radio show to try and connect with Hip Hop followers.

Many topics were discussed during the interview including police brutality and systemic racism.

“That’s one of the highest priorities that I’ve had throughout this campaign because it’s something we have to be honest about,” said Clinton. “We have to face up to systemic racism. We see it in jobs. We see it in education. We see it in housing. Let’s be really clear, it’s a big part of what we’re facing in the criminal justice system.”

Clinton stated she will work to restore bonds between the police and the communities they patrol.

She also recounted meeting with the Mothers Of The Movement.

The group of women that lost loved ones to police violence or gun violence appeared at the Democratic National Convention in July.

When it comes to actual policies, Clinton wants to see a more comprehensive approach to addressing police reform.

“We need better police training. I think there should be national standards on the use of legal force. I think one of the big problems we’ve got – and police tell me this – is most police don’t know how to deal with mental health problems. So we need better mental health response,” said the ex-New York Senator. “There’s fear on both sides, and the best way to break down that fear is to spend time with somebody, put yourself in somebody else’s shoes.”

Numerous Hip Hop stars have announced their plan to vote for Clinton this year.

NYC emcee/mogul Jay Z recently revealed he will hold a “Get Out The Vote” performance in Ohio in support of Clinton.

Ohio is one of the key swing states that will play a huge role in determining which candidate will be the next Commander In Chief.

“Jay Z is doing a concert. I’m thrilled to have his support because I think one of the biggest jobs that I will face – assuming everything goes well – is how are we going to heal all these divides,” added Clinton.

In addition, Sec. Clinton was celebrating her 69th birthday.

Music legend Stevie Wonder was present to sing his “Happy Birthday” song for her.

We brought Stevie Wonder in to sing Happy Bday to Hillary Clinton (she don’t know that yet tho) tune in!!! @breakfastclubam

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