Hip Hop Loves Foundation Releases “Stop Shooting” Music Video To Combat Police Brutality


(AllHipHop News) Despite decades of reported incidents, police brutality has become a major issue in America in the last year. High profile cases of unarmed black men being killed by law enforcement officers has shed light on the problem of some cops abusing their power against citizens.

The New York City based nonprofit organization Hip Hop Loves Foundation is bringing more attention to the killing of people of color at the hands of the police with the new video for “Stop Shooting.” Produced by Mastersounds Productions, the song was recorded by Hip Hop Loves Foundation music recording workshops participants Jalib and Prodigy Da Prince. “Central Park Five” trial member Yusef Salaam also contributed to the project.

“What inspired me to sign on to the ‘Stop Shooting’ project was the overwhelming disregard for black life by many of our public servants. When I was growing up Hip Hop was just laying down its roots and there was a message in the music. The essence of what was happening was the complete transformation of a forgotten generation through a cultural expression born out of want and need,” says Salaam. “When I was asked to participate I saw it as a duty. We are fighting a war that can only be fought on all fronts. The current state of Hip Hop is in shambles but there is still beauty, there is still hope.”

"Stop Shooting" Recording Session
“Stop Shooting” Recording Session

HHLF views Hip Hop as the cultural intersection of many vibrant forms of expression including dance, sports, visual arts, and technology. The foundation’s programs are based in the United States and overseas. The Hip Hop Loves Foundation links artists and organizations to facilitate programs that impact underserved communities and empower youth.

“With the continued shooting of black males in our society it only makes sense to have a voice from the community to translate a message to the masses,” states René John-Sandy II, co-founder/Executive Director Hip Hop Loves Foundation. “We created ‘Stop Shooting’ to give that option to the youth in our programs. It allows them to take a stand against unjust violent acts while uplifting and reconnecting our global community.”

For more information about Hip Hop Loves Foundation visit www.hiphoploves.com. Watch the video for HHLF’s “Stop Shooting” below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dSCZedNQb4]