Ice-T And Coco To Come To Daytime TV

The Dynamic Duo Strike Again!

Daytime TV is tough, but Ice-T and Coco are about to put their hat in the ring anyway.

The couple have announced “Ice & Coco,” a new show that will have a new angle on talk show formats.

A recent press release says that the pair “brings a fresh perspective to the daily talk show format with their unique interview style and enthusiasm for joining in the conversation.”

Ice and Coco said, “It’s a fun show with our own style of hip, married humor and honesty.”

“We see this as another attempt to do something different—big personalities, new to the day part,” Frank Cicha, svp of programming for FOX Television Stations told AdWeek. “Ice-T helped change popular culture. We’re trying to do the same thing for daytime.”

The show is produced by Telepictures and will premier August 3rd.

Ice-T and Coco had a short run in reality TV with Ice Loves Coco.