Iggy Azalea Says “Strong Meds” Caused Her To Freak Out On Her Record Label


(AllHipHop News) Iggy Azalea blamed “pretty strong meds” after hitting headlines following a four-minute rant on Snapchat slamming her record label for delaying the release of her new album.

The 26-year-old Australian rapper was due to drop her new record Digital Distortion early this month, but took to her Snapchat on Thursday night to explain to her fans that her label Def Jam had opted to push back the release.

“Just wanted to tell you a little story about my album pre-order, because I have no idea when it’s coming out,” Iggy said in the video, in which she used a filter which distorted her voice and face. “At first, everyone at my label was like ‘June 2nd, June 2nd! So I told everybody that. But then they’re like, ‘No, we changed our mind’. I was like, ‘OK, what’s my album date going to be?’ ‘June 30th, June 30th.’ So I did a bunch of interviews on TV, and it seemed like all the reporters knew the date June 30th. I was thinking, yay! They finally got their s**t together! They’re telling everyone a real date that we can look forward to!

“But then I went on Jimmy Fallon and I noticed him saying ‘Digital Distortion, later this month.’ What does that mean? That can’t be good. They’ve backed away from saying a real date.”

Iggy then explained that she emailed her record company to ask why the release date was now so vague, with the response she received “bulls##t”.

Apparently, they claimed they “hadn’t done the paperwork” so the June 30 release wasn’t going to happen.

At that point, Iggy sent another more aggressive email, adding in her Snapchat rant: “I guess everybody at that record label just decided to ignore what I had to say, so who knows when my album’s coming out. It has been Memorial Day weekend, so they’ll probably be partying pretty hard for middle-aged white guys… I know you guys are sick of it; trust me, I’m super sick of it. I’m really over it at this point. I’ve really been trying to be sweet and super-professional the last couple of months, but … I’m at my wit’s end.”

At one point, Iggy even told her fans she was considering giving them the address of her record company’s head office, so they could all picket the building.

While Iggy was Snapchatting, six or so songs from Digital Distortion found their way online, with fans wondering if the singer herself was responsible for the leak.

Following the initial Snapchat rant, Iggy then deleted those videos, before posting a new video in which she explained that the “pretty strong meds” she has been on following “oral surgery” were responsible for her outspoken rant.