Incarcerated GS9 Member Rowdy Rebel Talks Epic Records & Meek Mill’s Advice


(AllHipHop News) Chad “Rowdy Rebel” Marshall was among the GS9 crew members arrested in December 2014. The Brooklyn rapper is still behind bars in New York as he and close associate Bobby Shmurda await trial.

XXL spoke to Rowdy about his current situation. The conversation included the “Shmoney Dance” rhymer discussing the reading he has done while locked up, the state of his criminal case, and the convictions of GS9’s Rasha and A-Rod.

The 24-year-old Epic Records signee was also asked about the level of support he has received from his label. Despite not being bailed out by the company, Rowdy appears to hold no ill will towards Epic or its executives.

“I haven’t heard from Epic in a while, maybe four, five, six months. Last time I heard from Epic, Sylvia [Rhone] came to see Bobby, Sha Money came to see Bobby,” stated Rowdy. “Right now I don’t have no problem with Epic. Even though they invested in us and I expected them to try to help us get out, and they did but it was really Sony at the end who could push the button to really get us out. They don’t owe us nothing, I don’t feel like they did something wrong to me.”

However, Rowdy did reveal he has been in contact with Maybach Music Group representative Meek Mill. After experiencing his own issues with being incarcerated, Meek offered Rowdy some advice.

“Meek tell me all the time when I come home, keep my freedom like it’s $5 million. Don’t let nobody take your $5 million, cherish that $5 million. Do anything that’s possible to hide that $5 million from somebody trying to take it,” offered Rowdy. “So you gotta treat your freedom like that. I always take that to heart.”

Rowdy Rebel pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy, attempted murder, attempted assault, reckless endangerment and criminal possession of a weapon.

NFL player Junior Galette recently suggested he was willing to bail out GS9, telling the Tax Season podcast, “I’m not trying, I will.”