Irv Gotti Claims Jay-Z Axed Album With DMX and Ja Rule Because He Only Works With Artists Who “Worship” Him 

Irv Gotti claimed Jay-Z was worried DMX or Ja Rule might out-rap him on a potential Murder Inc. supergroup album. 

Irv Gotti has opened up about the legendary album that never was from Jay-Z, DMX, and Ja Rule as rap supergroup Murder Inc.  

While the trio recorded several singles back in the 90s, the mythical album never came to fruition. According to Irv Gotti on his recent Drink Champs appearance, Hov put the brakes on the project over fears of potentially being out-rapped by his peers. 

He claimed that despite trying multiple times to make the album happen, Jay-Z wasn’t interested.  

“It’s just my opinion, but I don’t think that Jay wanted to get in the room with X and Ja,” Gotti explained. “Jay is a very smart person,” he said, claiming that the Roc Nation honcho only works with artists who “worship” him. 

“X and Ja don’t worship Jay-Z,” he added. “[It’s like] you’re my man, but when that beat comes on you’re not above me gettin’ at you.” 

However, Irv Gotti insisted there was no beef, it was just friendly competition between rappers. 

“Do I want to make a whole album with these n##### coming at me?” he added. “And if I’m Jay-Z, there’s a slight chance that, what is n##### gonna say I’m not the nicest n####? Where’s my win? The only thing I’m seeing with this is potential loss.” Check out the clip below and watch the episode here.

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Jay-Z On Murder Inc. Supergroup

Jay-Z also addressed the supergroup in the premiere episode of the new Murder Inc. BET documentary, which aired earlier this month.  

“I think it was everyone’s ambition and everyone’s ego,” Jay-Z said. “It was just three guys, three independent labels, three Black men who are all fighting to be the best in the world.”  

Hov added: “Me and X had like a thing. He was always super competitive with me. I was super competitive at that time as well. Ja was just happy to be in the room at the time he hadn’t become the Ja Rule that we all come to know and love.”