EXCLUSIVE: Jake Paul Says Don’t Dismiss His “Crazy” Brother Logan Ahead Of Floyd Mayweather Match

floyd mayweather and Logan Paul

Jake Paul has some thoughts on the upcoming bout between his brother Logan and undefeated boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is to come out of retirement to take on YouTube star Logan Paul in the boxing ring.

The champ announced the news via Instagram last night (December 6th) a week after two other fight greats, Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, Jr, staged a successful comeback exhibition bout on pay-per-view.

Logan’s brother Jake Paul, who was part of the Tyson/Jones undercard, beat the brakes off former basketball star Nate Robinson last week. Jake revealed he is dedicating his life to defeating Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) star Conor McGregor.

Logan Paul, 25, has been calling out Floyd for a while, and after some back and forth with the 43-year-old boxing legend, the pair have finally agreed to a match this February.

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According to Jake Paul, who has been clowning Nate Robinson since his terrible showing during the Tyson/Jones PPV, Logan is no slouch, and Jake warned Floyd not to take his brother lightly.

“My brother’s crazy. So who knows? You know, I don’t really know what’s going on inside of his mind,” Jake Paul told AllHipHop.com. “Obviously it’s garnering a lot of attention, which I think is the goal for both of them.”

Whatever the outcome, the Paul brothers are a huge draw. Jake’s fight with Nate Robinson helped sell over 1 million PPV buys and earned him over $10 million, because he had a deal to earn a percentage of the profits, according to reports.

Logan has over 22 million followers on YouTube and another 18 million on Instagram. Floyd has about 500,000 on his YouTube channels, and another 22 million on Instagram, so the numbers for this fight should be through the roof.

The Logan Paul/Mayweather fight is scheduled for February 20th, 2021.