Jamie Foxx Remains In Hospital After 3 Weeks, Sources Say “Pray For Jamie”  

Insiders are asking for prayers for Jamie Foxx after the actor suffered an undisclosed “medical complication” last month.

Jamie Foxx is still in hospital three weeks after suffering “medical complication” last month, according to a new report. 

Although the family is keeping his condition private, insiders told TMZ the “Ray” actor remains in a medical facility. The outlet claims “those closest to him,” are asking for prayers for the multi-talented entertainer while remaining tight-lipped about his condition. “Pray for Jamie,” sources told TMZ.  

Previous reports stated Jamie Foxx was undergoing tests after he was taken to hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, on April 11th.  

“They are running tests and still trying to figure out what exactly happened,” an insider told CNN on Apr. 17. 

Meanwhile, fellow actor and comedian Nick Cannon claimed that Jamie Foxx is “doing so much better” in an interview last month.  

“Man, I’m praying,” Nick told Entertainment Tonight on Apr. 24. “You see, I posted on Instagram. I literally have been saying prayers out loud.” 

Nick also confirmed, “I know he’s doing so much better,” and said he was “about to do something special for him and doing him a favor.”  

The “Masked Singer host added, “I was reluctant to go all the way there, and even talk about it, but he gave me the blessing, so it’s a beautiful thing. He’s awake. They say he’s alert, so we love it.” 

Jamie Foxx’s daughter Corinne broke the news last month on Apr. 12 that her father had suffered an undisclosed “medical complication.” She assured fans that he was “already on his way to recovery” thanks to “quick action and great care.” 

AllHipHop.com extends prayers to Jamie Foxx and his loved ones.