Jay-Z Shoots Down Verzuz Comp: “Can’t Nobody Stand On That Stage With Me”


Jay-Z says there is no competition at all for him and basically said there’s no Verzuz for him.

Jay-Z has finally made a definitive statement on the prospects of him jumping on the Verzuz stage, the wildly popular platform that has captivated live and virtual audiences.

“Can’t nobody stand on that stage with me. I’m just telling y’all the real,” Jay verbally said for thousands of listeners to hear. “You gotta stand in front of the “Grammy Family” verse performed live? I never even performed that live. Let’s move on from Verzuz.”

The mogul said that there is nobody on the planet that he can stand in front of and it be competitive.

The statement was made in a Twitter Spaces talkback with singer Alicia Keys in promotion of her new album Keys.

Conducted by Genius’s Rob Markman, the conversation was in promotion of the album, but eventually trailed off into various directions. And since Alicia is married to Swizz Beatz, one of the founders of Verzuz, it was a natural progression in the chat.

Jay-Z did not name names of anybody in particular, but simply stated that there would be no competition for him.

In recent months, people have speculated that maybe there could be a Nas Verzuz with Jay-Z. Rick Ross made an appearance on “The Real,” the daytime talk show, and suggested that he might be willing to do something with Hov.

This is the first time the Jay has shot down the possibility of doing it, as well as the very notion that there was competition for him.

The Roc Nation general would later comment that he loved Verzuz as a platform to recognize and “give people their flowers.“

“It truly is a beautiful thing—shout out to both Swizz and Tim,” Jay-Z said.

Alicia Keys would go on to give her husband his respect and Timbaland for founding the incredibly disruptive and revolutionary platform.

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