Jay Z’s New Documentary On “Race” To Air In 45 Different Languages


(AllHipHop News) Rapper Jay Z is expanding his TV resume by executive producing a series about racial issues in America.

His six-episode series, titled “Race,” will offer “a stark and provocative look into systemic injustices in America”, using documentary, animation and archival footage to outline issues surrounding financial inequality, the criminal justice system, social media, activism, and family.

The series will also feature present day stories from a variety of immigrants and first generation Americans, according to Variety.com.

“Race” will air in 171 countries in 45 languages.

The project is part of Jay Z’s two-year film and TV deal with The Weinstein Company, which he signed last year.

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He has already co-produced “TIME: The Kalief Browder Story,” a TV docu-series about a young black man who committed suicide after serving three years at the notorious Riker’s Island prison in New York, and he is also developing a documentary about slain African-American Trayvon Martin, who lost his life in 2012 during a Neighborhood Watch mix-up.

Vigilante George Zimmerman mistook the teenager for a burglar and shot him during a scuffle in Florida.