Jeezy Explains Why He Thinks Donald Trump Should Not Be President (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Jeezy is ready to put on for his city this weekend. The Def Jam recording artist will be performing his Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 album at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre. Jeezy stopped by Hot 107.9 to discuss the anniversary concert and other topics such as El Chapo, President Barack Obama, Minister Louis Farrakhan, and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

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The Snowman had already blasted Trump on Twitter, but he elaborated on his issues with the billionaire running for president. Jeezy said:

When you got any type of influence in your community, your words matter. You gotta speak up when it’s time to speak. This is America. This ain’t Dancing With The Stars. This ain’t X-Factor. Basically, what he’s doing is what you see people in this industry do. They try to get their bars up, so they can get a bigger check.

I just felt like he was making a mockery out of the whole presidential candidacy. If you really look at Donald Trump and follow his moves, he’s all about Donald Trump. He’s never been about nobody, so we can’t vote for you anyway. You’re just trying to be more famous than you already are.

You know the saying goes, “Rich people wanna be famous, and famous people just wanna be rich.” That’s what he’s really on. I take that to heart, because I know there’s a lot of problems in our community. There’s a lot of real things going on that somebody’s gonna have to deal with.

Jeezy also defended Republican senator John McCain against Trump’s recent claims the former POW is not a hero. The “My President” rapper then took Trump to task over his comments that Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists, and he declared the business mogul will never win the White House.

The Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 10th Anniversary concert will stream live on Tidal via Tidal X. Special guests are expected to appear at the event.

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