Jessie Woo Responds to Backlash Over Tasteless Whitney Houston Joke

Singer and comedian Jessie Woo is making headlines for all the wrong reasons after making a distasteful joke about Whitney Houston.

Singer and comedian Jessie Woo is making headlines for all the wrong reasons. The ‘Wild N’ Out’ cast member has landed herself in hot water after making a joke about Whitney Houston.  

The Haitian-American singer recently joined the cast of the hit series, now in its 16th season. In an improvisational segment entitled ‘Outgoing Message’ teams have to imitate what they imagine celebrities’ voicemail messages would sound like.  

When it came to Jessie’s turn, she was asked to impersonate the late Whitney Houston. She begins with a rendition of “I Will Always Love You,” singing, “You have reached my line, but unfortunately, I do not have the time.” All good so far, right? The audience receives it well and applauds. However, the performance then takes a left turn as the singer continues her version of the song singing, “And I…. I’m dead.” She then walks off stage! 

The audience and cast members are left stunned with host and creator, Nick Cannon saying, “Y’all all going to hell.” 

The star is now on the receiving end of some heavy internet backlash and has responded on social media.  

In a video, reposted by The Shade Room she says, “The show is called ‘Wild N’ Out. When you watch the show over the years, the men on the show get to come on the show and say the wildest things – the most disrespectful things and it’s still considered comedy.” 

She tries to explain herself further saying, “I’ve always liked that because I’m somebody who… I love… I f–king love dark humor.” 

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The comment section was a mix of people both supporting and admonishing the singer. However, fellow comedian Majah hype took objection to the star making it a battle of the sexes saying, “it’s the tryna drag men into the insensitive jokes for me cause dudes get dragged all day for jokes like this all the time” 

Jessie posted a clip of the joke, including the offending line, to her IG page with the caption “And I ….. I’ve got nothing but love for my idol.” The star is currently working with several organizations assisting relief efforts in Haiti following the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the Caribbean island on Saturday.