Jim Jones Saved His Friend’s Life With CPR, But Not Mouth-To-Mouth

Jim Jones

Learn why the Harlem native learned the live-saving skill.

Harlem rapper Jim Jones is a superhero. In addition to dropping music, reality shows, performing in shows, buying up property, pumping his Saucy cannabis brand, he also knows how to use CPR. The Dipset capo allegedly used the technique to save his friend and personal photographer Jerry “Flee Flicks” Flete’s life.

During a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, he recalled a time when he was grateful that he knew the emergency resuscitation procedure.

DJ Envy asked him what happened to his friend that needed support.

“We were in Miami hanging out. I don’t know man, somebody started screaming my name. My man Flee was not doing too good. He wasn’t responding. He was incoherent,” Jones recalled.

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The “We Set the Trends” rapper said that he never told anyone that he knew CPR but still, people turned to him for support.

 He continued, “For the life of me, I don’t know why [the were calling my name.] But that’s how I know that there is a God. That had happened in that sequence … for God to put his hands on me and I put my hands on him. They didn’t run to the ambulance or none of that.  They called the ambulance after they called me.”

“I had to tell them to ‘Call the ambulance.’ Like what are we doing here? But … God bless. Something happened and I jumped into action.”

He said he learned CPR at the age of 12 because of his sister.

“My sister has a rare heart condition. She’s a miracle baby, they didn’t expect her to last at all. She’s 30- something years-old now, she’s my miracle woman and superwoman,” he shared.
My whole family had to learn CPR just in case.”

“It’s really not that hard, it’s like riding a bike. It’s real simple. Once you know it, it’s not like rocket science,” he told the hosts when asked how he remembered it.

And before they could ask him, he said, “No, I did not have to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation… No mouth involved… He might not have made it if I had to give him mouth to mouth.”

Him, Charlamagne Tha God, and Envy laughed.  Jim says if he had to do mouth-to-mouth on his friend, this story might have ended differently, “Nah … People die every day.”

Envy said that is the most “Harlem Thing Ever!”

The most Harlem thing ever is how he ended the segment, telling people to go get certified because it could save someone’s life.

“God Bless, we can joke about this, man. But I encourage everyone to go learn CPR,” He said on a serious note. “It’s a quick course, just a couple hours to get certified. Something that can stick with you for life. You never know where you might be at to where you could lend a helping hand.”