Joe Budden Responds To Backlash For Saying He Fakes Putting On A Condom

Joe Budden

Some people are calling out the podcaster for promoting rape culture.

Once again, Joe Budden’s comments on his podcast caused a ton of negative responses online. This time, the controversial talking head apparently joked about stealthing during sex.

Stealthing is the practice of removing or refusing to use a condom without telling the other sexual partner. On his show, Joe Budden admitted to taking part in unprotected intercourse with women without their knowledge.

“Even I done walked into a corner and faked like I put a condom on before,” said Joe Budden before laughing. The Padded Room album creator added, “They’re none the wiser… Yes, I did that. One thousand percent.”

Budden continued, “That was my poor execution of my plan after I mastered it, which was just bust through the lambskin… Let me go find the thinnest condom in the world.” He also told his co-hosts, “I used to be [a sicko]. Please don’t misrepresent me.”

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That clip of Joe Budden discussing stealthing techniques went viral. Countless social media users blasted Budden for admitting to and/or joking about a form of sexual assault against women.

The Shade Room shared Budden’s stealthing soundbite on the celebrity blog’s Instagram page. Other IG users began leaving comments, calling the actions Budden described on his podcast predatory behavior and a crime.

Then Joe Budden left his own comment under The Shade Room‘s post about the story. The 42-year-old retired rapper wrote, “Y’all really want all Black men in jail lol.”

In the past, Joe Budden found himself in social media’s crosshairs for remarks that some people perceived to be questionable, offensive, or disturbing. For example, a clip of Budden talking about masturbating dogs spread across the internet in September 2020.

Allegations of physical abuse as well as allegations of sexual misconduct have followed Joe Budden throughout a large portion of his career. However, the Love & Hip Hop alum has repeatedly insisted those accusations are false.

Following the most recent controversy, Budden informed his followers that he considered making his podcast a Patreon-only release. That means listeners would have to sign-up for a paid membership in order to hear The Joe Budden Podcast.