Joey Bada$$ Says Men Should Not Masturbate: “That’s Weird”

Joey Bada$$ revealed that he believes masturbation is for women and men should be more concerned with preserving their “life force.”

Joey Bada$$ does not believe in the idea of a traditional relationship and has some interesting opinions on masturbation.  

The “Paper Trail$” hitmaker shared his unconventional idea of an ideal relationship during a talk with Angela Yee and the ladies of the Lip Service podcast. During the interview, Joey Bada$$ made a startling revelation which he said: “might be front-page [news].”  

“I’d rather not [ejaculate],” he declared. When asked if he was referring to e########## during oral sex he replied, “Nah, period.” 

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Joey Bada$$ explained the reason for the unusual practice, and it’s all to do with retaining “life force.” 

“For the people hearing this for the first time I know it’s gonna sound crazy,” he confessed. “I’d rather preserve my life force, you know. I mean like, when a man e######### like, there’s a lot of things that leave your body. There’s blood cells, testosterone, energy, you know. You get depleted. They say it’s like the equivalent of running 20 miles when you [ejaculate].” 

Furthermore, Joey Bada$$ believes all men should follow in his footsteps. “I don’t masturbate,” he said. “I think that’s weird for a man. Not for a woman!” “I believe that women are the more sexual beings, you know what I mean. They’re the more sexual gender.” 

He concluded, “As a man, you should be in control, you should have self-control over yourself. It’s like, If you at home masturbating, n####, what are you doing? Like, you’re wasting your time.” 

Joey Bada$$ Wants To Be In A Polyamorous Relationship  

Elsewhere during the interview admitted his desire to date more than one woman at a time. Though, as a young man, he’s not interested in anything too serious at his age.  

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[I’m] only 27 right now, I want two girlfriends,” he said when asked if he is open to having multiple wives. he previously advised Tristan Thompson to admit to himself that he needs more than one woman.   

However, he says that they don’t have to live with him, but they must get along with each other.  

“As the man, I feel like that’s not really your role, you know. What I’m saying is like, they would have to be cool with each other – they’ll have to, you know what I’m saying, be able to call each other and stuff like that. And if they want to get down like that, then cool. But, nah, they don’t have to.” 

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