Juelz Santana Responds To Arrest; Taunts Police Officers


(AllHipHop News)
Juelz Santana has commented on his recent arrest for making terroristic threats.

Juelz was arrested in New Jersey last week, after police pulled his Bentley over for unknown reasons and attempted to search the luxury vehicle.

According to Juelz, things went downhill from there.

“How many mugshots they gonna take of me smfh!!! 46k bail,” Juelz tweeted. “Police impounded my bently so I guess I gotta bring the rose out! f**k they thought that was my only car lol #Whooooaaaaaa,”

While details on the arrest are scarce, Juelz blamed the incident on Bergen County Police.

“It’s the NJ Bergen County Police. They be bored ‘no action’ smh so when they c someone like me they make it a big deal,” Juelz tweeted to his 473,000 followers.

In February, Juelz Santana surrendered to police and posted $125,000 in bail, after a 10 month investigation resulted in weapons and drug charges.

That arrest was the result of a 10-month investigation into gang activity at Juelz studio, which is located in Bergen County.

Police raided the studio in January and found 17 baggies of high grade marijuana and two loaded 9mm handguns.