Kafani Accused Of Threatening His Girl In Million Dollar Fraud Case

The 39-year-old Bay Area rapper took to Instagram, while being investigated by the feds, to identified his girl as a snitch.

(AllHipHop News) Someone needs to grab up these new school rappers and teach them the game.

What is the first rule? STOP YAPPING ON SOCIAL MEDIA.


That is what someone should have told Bay Area rapper, Kafani, 39, who went on IG and outed his girlfriend as a “snake” because he believes that she was “sending tips to the FBI,” according to the Mercury News.

Kafani, whose real name is Amir Rashad, is currently under federal investigation and was taken into custody last week for being the top gunner in what is being called a “large-scale fraud ring.”

The tipster that got him knocked is allegedly his lady turned informant for the FBI.

Kafani became an inspiration to many with his survival story because of his come back after getting shot and paralyzed back in 2013. His recovery went so well that he started marathon training.

Fast forward seven years and now the rapper is accused of stealing people’s identity in a wide-spreading fraudulent loan scam for about two years.

It is believed that he ran a multi-tiered, multi-million dollar enterprise leaving victims all up and down the Golden state.

Of course, Kafani was not happy about this and like so many other new-school rappers, went to social media to express himself. AND THAT WAS DUMB DUMB MOVE NUMBER 2 (the first of course is getting involved with anything illegal in the first place).

The Mercury News reports that Kafani used his IG to publicly call out his ex and now federal prosecutors believe he put the tipster’s life at risk.

In a video, Kafani had a real talk with his over 134K followers:

“All that s##t is lies, you feel me? All that s##t is lies. All that s##t is lies,” Kafani says.

“A snake can be laying right next to you, that’s all I can tell you.” Kafani continued clearly referring to the girlfriend. “Females ain’t cool nowadays, that’s all I can really tell you.”

His attorney argues that he posted the video to defend himself, not understanding the implications of his actions and that such actions are forbidden during an open case.

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The Feds convinced U.S. Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero on Friday to lock him up for posting the video, stating that the cyberbullying was equivalent to witness intimidation.

The judge agreed and snatched his $250,000 bail and demanded that the rapper turn himself in.

The FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office now has instituted a victim protection protocol for the woman because she currently “living in fear.”

“She sat in our conference room sobbing, your honor. She’s terrified,” the assistant U.S. Attorney David Ward told the judge. “This defendant is a career criminal, he’s got former gang affiliations and the label of a snitch in that community is incredibly dangerous.”