Kanye West Associate Nick Fuentes Gets Into Food Fight At In-N-Out

According to TMZ, a couple approached the known white nationalist inside the restaurant and an argument ensued.

Kanye West associate and known white nationalist, Nick Fuentes, engaged in a full-on food fight at a Los Angeles In-N-Out on Saturday (December 3). According to TMZ, a couple approached Fuentes inside the restaurant and an argument ensued. As their dispute escalated, the man threw a ketchup-filled paper cup at Fuentes and attempted to storm out. That’s when Fuentes picked up a drink and tossed it across the popular fast food joint, splashing everyone in its path but missing his target.

In another video, a women behind the camera claimed Fuentes lied about who he was. She shouted, “F### Nick Fuentes! You racist!” as he walked out.

Fuentes has been making headlines lately due to his recent dinner date with Kanye West and Donald Trump, both of whom intend to run for president (again) in 2024. The three controversial figures had a meeting of the minds at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Miami last month.

Trump spoke unfavorably of the reunion, taking to Truth Social to explain he initially met with West in order to “help” him after he was “decimated in his business and virtually everything else.”

The former president said Ye asked him to be his running mate in the 2024 election, which angered him. He later added, “[Kanye] tried to f### me. He’s crazy. He can’t beat me […] I told him don’t run for office, a total waste of time, can’t win.”

More recently, Kanye West appeared on Alex Jones’s Info Wars and declared he he saw good in Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. He was later suspended from Twitter for posting a Star of David with a s####### inside.