Kanye West Attacks President Joe Biden Calls Him The ‘R-Word’

Kanye West

Kanye things it is ok for him to use the “R-word” because he was diagnosed with mental illness.

Rapper-turned-designer Kanye West is back in the news for making controversial and offensive statements.

In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, he said the current president of the United States of America, Joe Biden, is “f##king ret##ed.”

Ye believes he can use the derogatory word because he has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

He said, “Biden doesn’t listen to Elon Musk. The president of the United States does not have meetings with Elon Musk. that is f##king (hey … here come get me) ret##ed.”

“I know I’m not supposed to say that Biden, he continued. “But … obviously because I’ve been deemed with mental health [issues] and all this I have the right to use whatever words that I like to use.”

This is the latest of a string of off-cuffed and enflaming comments he has made, including some that are anti-Semitic and that George Floyd did not die from Derek Chauvin kneeling on his neck for 9 ½ minutes.

Kanye did apologize (kinda) for his statement about Jews.

One person who checked his ableist comment was Howard Stern.

“I don’t know much about Kanye West. I’m not big into the rap scene but I’m really tired of people excusing his behavior by saying well he’s just mentally ill.”  

After explaining how he has been disenfranchised as a Jewish man, and how West should not freely spew anti-Semitic jargon, he said he doesn’t jack that Kanye is mentally unable to control himself.

He asked, “If he’s so mentally ill, why don’t they appoint a conservator over his money like they did with the poor Britney Spears?”

Does Stern have a point?