Kanye West Claims Adidas VP Will Be Unemployed Come Labor Day  

Kanye West

Kanye West continued to drag Adidas Senior VP Daniel Cherry, claiming he won’t stop attacking him online until he quits or gets fired.

Kanye West has been dragging Adidas through the mud since his return to Instagram last weekend, firing shots at the brand’s Senior Vice President Daniel Cherry, among others

He claimed executives at the company are making decisions behind his back, squeezing him out of the process. Kanye West also believes Adidas is stealing his designs. He pointed out the close resemblance between some new non-Yeezy Adidas sneakers and his offerings. Additionally, Ye stated he wants out of his contract with Adidas though it’s not due to end until 2026.  

Kanye West Targets Adidas Vice President

However, Kanye claims he will leave with his 15% royalty intact and clarified that he won’t work with Cherry, who he has taken to calling “Daniel Son” and “Daniel Cherry Pop.” Furthermore, Ye says he won’t stop his attacks on the brand until Cherry quits or gets fired

Late on Sunday night (Sept. 4), Kanye West posted a series of images of Cherry claiming “this will be the last Labor Day he’ll ever celebrate.” 

Kanye then dubbed Cherry “the face of unemployment,” in another post, claiming the exec will be out of a job come Monday morning.  

The multihyphenate then suggested the pair were embroiled in a “civil war” at Adidas. Kanye posted a mural featuring himself and Cherry pasted on top of the Marvel superhero movie poster. The characters from the film bizarrely had their faces covered with Yeezy footwear acting as masks.  

Ye used the post to make a dig at Cherry’s fashion choices. “Daniel Cherry Pop,” Kanye penned in the caption. “I knew by the Jean jacket you was wearing when we first met that we could never truly be friends.”  

Earlier during his posting spree this weekend, as reported by AllHipHop.com, Kanye West continued airing his grievances. He also clarified a viral post about Kim Kardashian’s bowel movements was fake and did not come from his account.