Kanye West Is Waiting For People To Sue Him For ‘Famous’


(AllHipHop News) Ever since Kanye premiered the music video for his single “Famous” last night, several reps for major public figures have scrambled to confirm whether they participated in Kanye’s controversial set of visuals.

The video features look a likes of  popular public figures in the world, including George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Anna Wintour, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian West, Ray J, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby and Kanye himself, sleeping after an orgy.

In a Tweet that has been deleted, Ye’ said that he is currently waiting for people to sue him for their likeness being portrayed in a provocative way.

“Can somebody sue me already #I‘llwait,” Kanye tweeted .

“Famous” has been released to mixed reviews by users.

While some praised Kanye’s effort to show an artistic outlook on the voyeurism of the celebrity lifestyle, it was a very weird way of doing. The video is currently available to stream on Tidal.

Kanye addressed the video in an interview with Vanity Fair. The rapper said he was careful to try to desexualize the video.

“We were very careful with shots that had [something] sexual to take them out,” Kanye West told the magazine.

The rapper wasn’t worried about the backlash from the “Famous” video either.

“Guess what the response is when I show it to them?” he said. “They want to be in the bed.”