Kanye West Demands Answers From Twitter After Losing Followers

Rap star Kanye West wants to know why his follower count keeps dropping on his biggest and most impactful social media account.

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Kanye West is puzzled by a big drop in his Twitter followers in recent weeks.

The rapper is in the midst of running for President in the U.S. and, amid his controversial campaign – which has been plagued with setbacks and seen him only manage to secure spots on the ballots in 12 states – he’s noticed his social media fanbase has decreased.

In a post on the social media channel, the Gold Digger hitmaker insisted his number of followers has dropped by a full 100,000 accounts, hinting it was a glitch on his account.

Sharing a string of chin-stroking emojis, Kanye – who’s known for his outspoken tweets and social media rants – shared a screenshot of his account and wrote: “I was at 31 million followers 4 weeks ago and now I’ve been held at 30.9 million followers for the last 4 weeks.”

After launching his presidential bid on July 4th, the hitmaker held a rally in South Carolina where he touched on topics from abortion to race relations to space travel, and recalled how he and wife Kim Kardashian almost terminated their eldest daughter North.

In subsequent Twitter posts, he raged against Kim and his mother-in-law Kris Jenner, claiming they were trying to put him in the hospital and take his kids away from him. He also told fans he had been trying to divorce Kim for two years.

She later jumped on social media and suggested her husband was experiencing a bipolar episode and Kanye later publicly apologized to her.