Kevin Hart Escapes Lawsuits After Car Accident

Kevin Hart avoided any legal actions after he almost was killed during a car accident in September.

(AllHipHop News) Kevin Hart has avoided legal action after the horror car crash that left him in a life-threatening condition.

The “Jumanji: The Next Level” actor almost died in an accident when a pal lost control of his classic car near Hart’s home in California in September, leaving the funnyman in need of extensive spinal surgery for his injuries.

And while reports suggested the driver of the car, Jared Black, would be sued, as well as the “Night School” actor himself as the owner of the vehicle, but reports confirmed no suits had been filed concerning the incident.

Sources also alleged no money had changed hands as part of a settlement.

Rebecca Broxterman was also a passenger in the Plymouth Barracuda when her fiance lost control and crashed the vehicle in Calabasas, California.

Following the incident, investigators concluded no one was wearing a seat belt and there were no safety harnesses in the car.

Law enforcement said the driver was at fault, he allegedly gunned the vehicle’s 720-HP engine and lost control.

Reflecting on the ordeal, Kevin recently said: “You have a different perspective of life in general when you go through anything that almost ends your life. There’s a better understanding of the importance of people that are around you, the importance of loved ones.”