Kim Kardashian Felt “So Overwhelmed” As Kanye West’s “Clean-Up Crew” 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian told her mother she lacked the energy to spend “hours and hours and hours of my day” as Kanye West’s “clean-up crew.”

Kim Kardashian said managing the fallout from Kanye West’s erratic behavior was a grueling daily task that left her “so overwhelmed,” 

In Thursday’s episode (Jun. 1), the SKIMS mogul continued to confide in her mother, Kris Jenner, about the strain Ye’s antics placed on her, admitting that she was tired of dealing with his actions.  

“I’m stuck with this for the rest of my life, and I’m just so overwhelmed,” she began.  

“Sometimes I feel like if he were to hit rock bottom, that’s his journey that he needs to figure out on his own. I used to run around and call everyone behind his back, and be like, ‘It’s gonna be OK, it’s gonna be OK, don’t worry. Just give him another chance,'” Kim said to her mother. “I used to spend hours and hours and hours of my day to be the clean-up crew. I just don’t have that energy.”  

Kris told her daughter “That’s why you got divorced,” adding, “You never deserve to live like that.” You never deserve to live like that.” 

Kim Said She Goes “Into Crisis Mode” To Protect Her Kids

While Kris suggested that the former couple’s eldest child 9-year-old North West is aware of her father’s antics, Kim Kardashian disagreed.  

“She actually doesn’t know and that’s what’s so crazy” she replied. “I can’t risk an Access Hollywood … or anything on the news coming up with their dad mentioned and they want to watch. I have to figure out a way to protect and so they still haven’t seen anything, but then I go into crisis mode.” 

In a confessional, Kim explained she puts on a brave face for the sake of her kids.  

“I’m the one being accused of so many things and being blamed for so many things and it’s really hurtful and it sucks. But, I can control how I react and I can control if I’m a mess, [and] then my kids will see that,” Kim stated. “I really do believe in my soul that one day, my kids will appreciate my silence, my understanding and my grace, and I will try my hardest to keep it together at all times.”