EXCLUSIVE: Kodak Black Gets Letters Of Support As Prison Sentence Looms For Trying To Buy Guns

Kodak Black’s lawyer just submitted two letters of support for the rapper, as he prepares to be sentenced for lying on a federal application to buy guns in Florida.

(AllHipHop News) Kodak Black is slated to be sentenced to prison today (November 13th), for lying on a federal form in an attempt to buy three firearms.

In August, Kodak Black, real name Bill K. Kapri, pleaded guilty to lying on a federal form to buy gun. He could face up to 10 years in prison for the charge.

AllHipHop obtained letters sent to the court by Kodak’s lawyer Bradford Cohen, asking a judge to consider the rap star’s charitable works in hopes of receiving a reduced sentence.

Earlier this week, Kodak told the court he has engaged in a variety of generous acts for the local community after he started scholarships, and donated thousands of valuable school supplies to local students.

Today (November 13th), Bradford Cohen submitted two letters of support for Kodak Black.

Cohen offered up a letter sent by Heather Siskind, the CEO of The Jack & Jill Center in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

“Dear Bill, Every day, the children and families at Jack & Jill Children’s Center are growing and thriving thanks to your generosity. At Jack & Jill, we are investing in children and families through services that stabilize, educate and empower,” Heather Siskind wrote in a letter dated November 8th, thanking the rapper.

“This will acknowledge your September 2018 gift in the amount of $10,000 to support Jack & Jill Children’s Center. We are also grateful for your additional donation of clothing for our children,” Siskind said.

Allen DeWane, the CEO of Acuity Productions, submitted a character on behalf of Kodak Black as well.

“I’m producing events with important national leaders to assist inner-city youth. Several have agreed to have Bill work with us on urban youth projects,” Allen DeWane wrote. “Prominent high-profile politicians from both sides of the political aisle will use Bill for Youth

Outreach programs that serve kids in South Florida and other urban communities across the U.S.”

Kodak Black will learn his prison sentence later today. 

Check out both letters of support for Kodak Black below: