Kodak Black Gets Support From Locals After Arrest SWAT Team Arrested Rapper On New Year’s Day

Kodak Black

Residents of the Golden Acres housing development in Pompano Beach, Florida, are speaking out in support of Kodak Black after he was arrested on New Year’s Day!

Kodak Black was arrested over the weekend at the housing development where he was raised for trespassing and violating a cease and desist order acquired by the complex. 

His former neighbors were outraged, saying he was not doing anything.

According to NBC, the folk in Pompano Beach were upset that the superstar they witnessed growing up in the Golden Acres housing complex was detained by law enforcement. 

Court documents show that the Broward Sheriff’s department was alerted by a “ShotSpotter,” which detected gunfire in the early morning hours of New Years Day.

According to the residents, Kodak was in the area giving out gifts — after being warned by the Pompano Beach Housing Authority that he should not come and distribute (under the rule of law), after giving out hundreds of air conditioning units residents in the development last summer.

The officials issued a statement saying that while they appreciated his gesture, the gifts did not meet the “standard safety guidelines,” and they were trying to avoid “risk or harm to residents.”

Kodak Black, whose real name is Bill Kapri, came with gifts to bless the community to ring in the New Year, despite the legal mandate that he could not.

One resident named Pat Celange said, “He was doing nothing. He pulled up, gave his gifts, and they came around the corner.”

Clearly, Celange was not aware of the rule.

Kendra Johnson describe the scene saying, “The SWAT team just came and said, ‘you’re being arrested for trespassing.'”

Some are calling B.S. on this.

“It’s sad man, cause he does a lot for the community,” resident Junior Jean Baptiste stated. “He’s giving a lot of kids motivation. Kids are trying to make it out. That’s crazy”

His lawyer, Bradford Cohen, wrote on his Instagram his thoughts. 

“Can you imagine the incompetence and ego that a police officer would actually put into a report that he ‘personally knew’ the housing authority had a ‘cease and desist letter’…not that it was a trespass notice, not that it was properly served, not that Bill knew of it, not that the officer saw the letter, not that the officer read the letter, not that the police previously warned him, not that the letter was actually valid, not that he was an invitee to the property, not that he was doing something he wasn’t allowed to do, not even a call to the housing authority to verify.” 

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He continued to write, “Someone actually trained this Deputy. I’m hoping it’s not a ranking Deputy that made this blunder and maybe a rookie that doesn’t understand the law.”

“By the way they also towed his legally parked vehicle so they could ‘inventory search’ it,” he concluded. “This young man has done nothing but support his community since being released, paid peoples credit card debt, sent first responders kids to college, paid for officers funerals and its never enough. Watch what happens where BSO will blame HA and HA will blame BSO.”