Kool G Rap Producer Domingo Gives Insight Into Legend’s New Album

Kool G Rap

AllHipHop caught up with producer Domingo, who detailed his work on the upcoming Kool G Rap album ‘Last of a Dying Breed.’

Veteran producer Domingo spoke to AllHipHop about his work on Kool G Rap’s upcoming album Last of a Dying Breed.

Kool G Rap enlisted Domingo to produce the legendary rapper’s entire LP, which will feature collaborations with AZ and the late Sean Price. Domingo didn’t need any convincing to create more music with the influential emcee.

“Working on this album with Kool G Rap, it’s like having a family gathering because we are like brothers,” he told AllHipHop. “We’ve known each other so long and always had each other’s back. So, when I was presented [with] the opportunity to produce this album, I did not hesitate to work with one of the G.O.A.T.S. of Hip Hop.”

Domingo also discussed his creative process, explaining how he tailor-made his beats for his longtime collaborator.

“I went over each beat precisely to match what G Rap is all about lyrically,” he said. “Even calling upon some talented friends to produce on some songs with me such as Dr. G, TonyRoc and Boogie The Hit Maker. They assisted in adding to the album’s direction of what I was shooting for, accomplishing a really well-put-together album for an artist who I consider the G.O.A.T: Kool G Rap … The Last of a Dying Breed.”

Kool G Rap’s new album is expected to drop in August. The project will be his first solo LP since 2017’s Return of the Don.

This opus is executive produced by The National Hip Hop Museum.