La Chat Mourns The Passing Of Gangsta Boo

Gangsta Boo La Chat

The southern musician posts a tribute to her late friend.

Lola “Gangsta Boo” Mitchell passed away on January 1, 2023. The Memphis-raised rapper was 43 years old. Gangsta Boo’s close collaborator, La Chat, shared a personal message about her late friend.

“This is not easy [for] me, wake up in tears, doze off in tears, the tears won’t stop falling, my eyes burning,” posted La Chat on Instagram. It’s [going to] take [some] time but with GOD INVOLVED I KNOW IMA BE OK sooner than I [think]. I [have] been [with] Boo all my whole life. She was a STRONG INDEPENDENT BLACK WOMAN, [that] didn’t take no s### lol.”

La Chat continued, “Y’all couldn’t imagine all the things we have done, all the convos we have had [every day], literally ALL the time we have spent, all the money we have made [together]. We both [were] our mothers’ only daughters. We [were] raised with nun but men and was blessed [to] rap with THE BEST GROUP EVER WHICH WAS ALL MEN WHICH MADE US SISTERS!!!”

Gangsta Boo and La Chat were closely aligned with the Three 6 Mafia rap group. The Memphis-based collective included Gangsta Boo as an official member with La Chat being part of Three 6 Mafia’s extended musical family.

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Gangsta Boo & La Chat Teamed Up For The ‘Witch’ EP

Fellow Memphis-raised rapstress GloRilla also shared a personal tribute to Gangsta Boo. The “Tomorrow 2” hitmaker wrote, “[Gangsta Boo] always supported me & the girls way back before we blew up. 💯A REAL LEGEND. There will never be another Gangsta Boo 🙏🏼.”

Additionally, Gangsta Boo’s mother, Veronica Mitchell, released a statement. Her message read, “The Mitchell family would like to thank everyone for their condolences regarding the untimely death of Lola ‘Gangsta Boo’ Mitchell. The family is asking for your continued prayers and privacy as we process the loss of our loved one.”

Gangsta Boo and La Chat’s collaborative Witch extended play came out in May 2014. The Gangsta Boo discography also contains solo albums like Enquiring Minds and Enquiring Minds II: The Soap Opera. La Chat has created solo projects like Murder She Spoke and Murder She Spoke II.