Latto Viciously Trolled By Nicki Minaj Fans As She Mourns The Loss Of Her Friend  


Nicki Minaj fans were quick to react when Latto took to Twitter to share her grief after losing her childhood friend.

Latto was hit with a slew of nasty comments from apparent Nicki Minaj fans after she took to social media to mourn the loss of her childhood friend. 

Tension first arose between the two rap stars last year after Nicki referenced Latto during a rant against the Recording Academy ahead of the Grammys. The pair then engaged in an online back-and-forth which escalated. Both artists exchanged shots on Twitter, and their fan bases immediately became involved.  

Fans have continued to trade online shots since the October spat, trolling social media posts in support of their rap queen. However, things took an unpleasant turn on Thursday (Apr. 27) after Latto took to social media to express her grief at the loss of her friend, Montavious Smith.  

The “Big Energy” hitmaker shared a carousel of images on Instagram featuring her childhood friend. Among them, a photo of their fifth-grade yearbook and a video of the pair as teens goofing around for the camera. “You broke my heart n#### 😞,” Latto penned in the caption. She also shared a series of tribute posts in her IG Stories and revealed her eyes are swollen shut and her chests hurts from the pain. “Why u leave me” Latto added.

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While she disabled the comments on her Instagram post, trolls flooded the replies on Twitter.  

“ILL NEVER BE THE SAME MONTA!!!! WHY U DO THIS TO ME 💔💔💔💔💔,” Latto wrote. 

Nick Minaj Fans React To Latto’s Post

“It looks like the “super freaky grandma”has outlived ur friend 😕” read one retweet from a user with a Nicki Minaj profile picture.  

“You should be next‼️‼️” wrote another troll with a photo of Nicki Minaj as their Twitter avi.  

However, some of the Barbz urged other Nicki Minaj fans not to be cruel to Latto as the New York rapper wouldn’t approve. 

“Barbz please let’s not, as much as I dislike her. Let’s keep it cute and not say anything at all. Nicki would not approve bc her heart isn’t evil.”

While the distasteful comments continued, some fans shared condolences to Latto or condemned the trolls.  

“Y’all make fun of death now??????” one supporter questioned. “All the fans of that woman laughing I hope and pray that Karma get y’all for tweeting and making fun of someone dying…..y’all are miserable.” 

“i’m so sorry for your loss baby. and so sorry they so weird and dehumanizing. wish she woulda turned off the comments from the start ☹️” wrote another.